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- Since 2002 -

Unique Animal Experiences

WorkHorse Farm Rescue & Exotics strives to provide a unique opportunity to get a hands-on experience with many different species of animals. Some of our most favorite species are our pair of Capybaras, Bonnie and Clyde, our two-toed sloth, Buddy, and our full of personality Dromedary Camel, Henry. We like for everyone to get a chance to pet and feed our animals. All our animals are friendly! They enjoy the attention they get from people visiting.



My dad was a Vietnam veteran. We have a pond and bamboo in the backyard, all my dad wanted was a water buffalo then he would “be back in ‘nam”. A friend of ours called one day saying he had the perfect thing for our farm. We went over
and saw this little water buffalo in this dark trailer just petrified. At that point it didn’t
matter if she was going to kill us when we let her out she was coming to Work Horse
Farm. Turns out that little water buffalo was the absolute sweetest! Mable lived her
entire life here at Workhorse Farm and helped comfort all the new animals that came in.
Unfortunately Mable passed at a ripe old age of 20. Her legacy lives on through our love
of water buffalos.



"I love this place soooo much! It's a down to earth, up close and personal farm. You get to see, touch, and hang out with so many different animals. This place is great for anyone, families, grownups, kids, everyone should go here the family that runs this farm seem like really great people and you can tell how much the animals are loved."

Amber H



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