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From the beginning to now...

My dad was a Vietnam veteran. We have a pond and bamboo in the backyard, all my dad wanted was a water buffalo then he would “be back in ‘nam”. A friend of ours called one day saying he had the perfect thing for our farm. We went over and saw this little water buffalo in this dark trailer just petrified. At that point it didn’t matter if she was going to kill us when we let her out, she was coming to Work Horse Farm. Turns out that little water buffalo was the absolute sweetest! Mable lived her entire life here at WorkHorse Farm and helped comfort all the new animals that came in. Unfortunately, Mable passed at the ripe old age of 20. Her legacy lives on through our love of water buffalos.



Our mission is to teach others about these amazing creatures and give everyone an experience with the  animals you would only be able to look at in a zoo. We try to keep the experience as interesting and knowledge filling as possible. We provide facts about not only the species of animal but also facts specific to that animal about their likes, dislikes, and some of their quirks.

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